22 May 2020

Playtester feedback and release in June

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Vedrana Gordić Community Manager | Public Relations

You’re probably aware of the fact that we held a closed playtesting session with chosen players that signed up via newsletter and Discord – well, we’re proud to say we have our first Saint Kotar: The Yellow Mask feedback! Here are some impressions from our players so far:

"Saint Kotar is simply amazing and I cannot wait to play the rest of the game. Great work!", "Runs perfect.. Left me hungry for more..", "I am completely in love with your game, its beautiful art style and its atmosphere. And I love the suspense! You have done an impressive job there!"

We are more than pleased with the fact that playtesters are thoroughly enjoying the prologue! Of course, it goes without saying that there are still some general improvements and bugs that need to be fixed.
Due to the amount of work that remains we have to slightly push back the release; there’s a lot of polishing that needs to be done yet, plus we’re still waiting for voice-overs and localization. We do have an exact date for June, but for now we are keeping it to ourselves. The date will be revealed in the next ten days with a new trailer.

Our plans regarding the Kickstarter campaign are unchanged – the launch will coincide with the official release of Saint Kotar: The Yellow Mask. If you haven’t already, make sure you visit the Saint Kotar pre-launch Kickstarter page and click the “Notify me on launch” button. That way you have an option to get a notification (and an email right in your inbox) the moment our project launches.