29 July 2020

Saint Kotar funded on Kickstarter

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Vedrana Gordić Community Manager, Public Relations

Hello everyone,

the Saint Kotar Kickstarter campaign has successfully ended on Saturday, July 25! It’s been a few days already, but we are still beyond thankful to our community for helping us achieve more than just our base goal.

1,163 backers have pledged €50,178 to help bring Saint Kotar to life, which means we achieved three of our stretch goals. Thanks to the great efforts of our wonderful backers, Saint Kotar will be released for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and Xbox platforms, alongside the PC platform (Windows, Mac and Linux)!

Even though the campaign has officially ended, you can still support us in the post-Kickstarter campaign via Paypal. This way you can further support the development and pre-purchase the full game; all you have to do is choose one of the available rewards. For more information about the rewards and updates about the campaign, please check out our full Kickstarter campaign.

Choose your post-Kickstarter reward

The full game will feature up to 20 hours of gameplay, full voice-acting and developer commentary in which we will explain the development process as you play. Of course, you will be able to turn it on or off in the main menu.

It’s important to mention that Saint Kotar will be localized into German, Spanish, French, Italian and Russian, with possible localization into other languages as well, such as Simplified Chinese, Brazilian, Turkish, Polish and Czech.

We also achieved the “Backstory DLC” stretch goal; the DLC will be exclusively free for the backers and will offer additional 1 to 2 hours of gameplay time playing with Viktoria, the mysterious character that is not seen, but is often talked about, in the prologue. The plot will take place in the night of the ritual (the night before the events in the prologue), when Benedek, Nikolay and Viktoria arrive in town.

If you prefer, you can support the project by buying the Saint Kotar: Supporter Pack on Steam. As a supporter you get official prologue wallpapers, concept art and soundtrack, as well as a printable t-shirt template and “Print your own” Yellow Mask.

We also set up the Steam store page for the full game, so you can already wishlist it by following this link.

Once again, thank you for being a part of this success story, helping us achieve our goal and making our dream a reality!