30 November 2020

Saint Kotar new official cover!

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Marko Tominić Founder, CEO, Writer, Narrative Designer

This news is a shorter version of the latest Kickstarter development update. Follow the link to read the whole thing, or stay here and soak up only the most essential information.

New Cover

Saint Kotar has a new official cover:

Have you noticed? We slightly changed the logo as well. Now, you might wonder, why the new cover? Long story short, we believe the new one better represents the game and is more visually appealing than the old one. The new cover is darker, more story-aligned and full of hidden symbolism. Nothing was added on the cover for the sake of making it look nicer, every single element and detail are there for a reason.

UI changes

Aside the technical overhaul and improvements on other important stuff (such as, the smoothness and speed of animations), we've also started redesigning the user interface. Still a work in progress, but this is close to how the new dialog options box will look like in Saint Kotar:

And, still regarding the UI changes, portraits are replacing the inventory icon in the bottom-left corner:

Narrative redesign

We are changing things in the narrative department as well. The goal is to create a better and more enjoyable experience for the player by redesigning how the game is played and by rewriting dialogues and descriptions to make them more exciting to read. This redesign includes the content from the prologue as well and so when the times comes we will release a new version of the prologue (Saint Kotar: The Yellow Mask), for free.

Saint Kotar factsheet

Release date: August 2021

Platforms: Steam, GOG, Nintendo Switch, Playstation, Xbox

Languages: English (text and voice), French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian

Features: Achievements, Full controller support, Cloud saving, Dev commentary