24 December 2020

Happy Holidays and a great 2021!

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Marko Tominić Founder, CEO, Writer, Narrative Designer

Click play and turn the sound on to get into the mood:

Yes! Even in the darkest of places, such as the world of Saint Kotar, one can find light and joy if he wants to. The year we are leaving behind was in many ways sad, hard and tragic... It was dark, but it wasn't lightless. If you are a Kickstarter backer of Saint Kotar, or have supported us in any other way, you can be very proud because you gave us the light when we were on the verge of falling into darkness. That light is driving us now into the new year, towards the completion of this project.

We wish you and yours happy Holidays and a happy, healthy, and playful 2021!


This update is not only about good wishes, but about good development progress as well. We decided about, and have already started implementing into the game, two things:

  • death scenes!
  • Memory system (work in progress title)

Death scenes will be an integral part of the experience. We believe they will add so much to the overall gameplay, and the sense of dread that is crucial in psychological horror stories. I can't disclose all the juicy details about them yet, but to calm you down, they won't be designed as time puzzles. This game will be about the decisions you make, they will shape the story and the characters you meet. Death will be no different, if you live or die will depend solely on your decisions.

The Memory system will allow you to see all the tasks, be it completed or active, and the map of the town and its surroundings. This will be very useful as Saint Kotar won't have a linear system of tasks (which is designed in a way that you complete one task to get a new one and so on) but there will be side tasks too (or quests, if you prefer) that are not mandatory to be solved in order to progress through the story. Although, if you do complete them you will be rewarded, in one or multiple ways.

Saint Kotar - Memory system (UI not final)