18 June 2021

Saint Kotar in Alpha Stage!

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Marko Tominić CEO | Game Director | Writer

On June 18th, 2020 the Saint Kotar project was launched on Kickstarter. It was the accursed 2020, the year of Covid. A year everyone wants to forget or put in a bad place. We will certainly remember it forever as it was not only our first Kickstarter campaign, but the first ever game project we started. A year later, things are going preeeetttyy gooood!

Alpha Stage

And so exactly one year later, we can proudly announce that Saint Kotar has entered the Alpha stage of production! Wait, what? Not a big deal? What is the Alpha stage? Each studio has its own way to define the stages of production, so a common definition that everyone abides to doesn't really exist. It is a big deal because the Alpha stage, at least in our case, means:

  • the game is playable from start to finish. Side tasks are not yet implemented (just a few of them), but the entire critical path is.
  • all characters and locations are obviously implemented, but still need additional work to make them look the way you, and we, want them to look.
  • all soundtracks are implemented.
  • the User Interface is pretty much final.

In the Alpha stage bugs are a common thing, sound effects and character animations are mostly missing, locations don't have a final look, dialogs and puzzles are not final (they are just a first draft), etc etc. Plenty of work awaits, but if we are here, it means nothing can stop us anymore to get to the finish line!

The police station in Saint Kotar

Some Juicy Facts

Just fired out:

  • game has a total number of 126 locations!
  • you can die in Saint Kotar, numerous times. Almost all deaths have a unique death cutscene.
  • on top of the big number of locations, the game also has dozens of closeups, which is a feature the prologue was missing soooo much.
  • first Alpha playtesters say the game is great. Yes, they say it is great and that the story is awesome. Let's calm down though, we still have a long road ahead of us, but seeing these feedback is certainly encouraging and exciting!

Demo and Full Game Release Dates

Our original plan was to release a new demo/prologue in June. The plan has changed and at the moment we don't have a new date. The full game release remains set for August, for now. Don't panic, if something changes, it won't change drastically because it's just not possible.