06 July 2021

SOEDESCO and Red Martyr Entertainment partner to launch Saint Kotar!

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Marko Tominić CEO | Game Director | Writer

The BIG announcement is finally here - Saint Kotar has a publisher!

We're pleased to be teaming up with SOEDESCO for the launch of our first title: Saint Kotar. We've been working on this game for two and a half years now and we feel confident that SOEDESCO is the perfect partner we needed to support its growth into something special. Together we'll work to launch the game on PC and consoles very soon.

Publishing Agreement

We can't go into specific details here, but as a general overview I can confirm that everything we promised in the Kickstarter campaign (and some more) will be delivered.

Saint Kotar is coming to PC and consoles, with a specific date to be announced soon. The game will be fully voiced (in English) and localized into all the languages that were unlocked with the stretch goal (plus an X number of additional ones). Marketing, PR, distribution, porting to consoles and all other much needed elements that are part of a professional project, are in this agreement.


SOEDESCO is an independent video game developer, publisher and distributor founded in 2002 with its headquarters in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Their portfolio consists of titles such as Owlboy, Kaze and the Wild Masks, Monster Crown, Among the Sleep, Remothered: Tormented Fathers and Monstrum. They also have their own IPs, including Truck Driver®, Adam’s Venture® and Real Farm.

For more information visit the official website: www.soedesco.com