17 December 2019

What happened to us?

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Marko Tominić Founder | Game - Creative Director | Writer

If you’ve been following Tanais Games in the past, you’ll notice a rather big difference regarding our studio. The year of 2019 has been a year of change for us, and today marks a new, official beginning when we leave our old name behind and greet you with a new one – Red Martyr Entertainment. If this is your first time joining us on our journey to entertain – welcome aboard!

The decision to rebrand wasn’t an easy one but we felt it was needed and the right time to do it was now. It flourished from a desire to turn the page and start fresh, leaving behind our past mistakes while nourishing the knowledge and experience we gained by doing them. We didn’t choose our new name, rather it was the name that chose us because it perfectly reflects a trait that is at the heart of our studio’s culture: persistence, a characteristic that all martyrs have in common. The red color and the winged lion with a fountain pen are not a coincidence either. They mean we are serious about our mission to create engaging stories designed to kindle your emotions and imagination. These are not just some fancy looking words, it really is our mission.

At this point of the post some of you may start to wonder if all we did this past year was to rebrand our studio. After all, to have a new brand and a new website is great, but they don’t mean nothing if the studio doesn’t create anything meaningful. Under our old name PR activities were put to a halt and there were raising concerns within the community that Saint Kotar, our first creation in the making, might be dead. For a community that we kept in dark for so long it was completely normal to start thinking the worst, but the reality couldn’t be far from the truth.

As I mentioned before, we made mistakes in the past and mistakes are never harmless. A year ago, when we realized how big they are, we knew we were facing a massive giant that needs to be taken down. It is then that we decided to keep silent until we defeat him and that time has now come to an end - we can finally confirm that the playable demo of Saint Kotar, titled The Yellow Mask, is placed on solid grounds and is on its way to completion. These solid grounds were not only laid for the playable demo, not even only for the full game Saint Kotar, but for all the works that are yet to be started. We know that now, thanks to the mistakes we made in the past. They really are not harmless, but without them growth wouldn’t be possible.

I wanted this post to be just a brief update so you can get a better sense of what’s going on, but I abandoned that idea because I felt we owed you a detailed explanation of what was going on. Also, we owed you one more thing – an apology. I’m truly sorry we kept silent for so long, it is not how a community should be treated and rest assured we won’t repeat the same behavior ever again. To make it up to you, and to prove that we really made progress, below you can find a brand new trailer and a set of newly released screenshots from the upcoming demo Saint Kotar: The Yellow Mask. We still don’t have a release date, as we want to be sure everything’s in its place before announcing it, but that day is fast approaching, so stay tuned. To remind you, the release of the demo will coincide with the launch of the Kickstarter campaign. The demo covers just the beginning of the whole story, and to be able to let you play the rest of it we’ll need additional funds. Only with the help of our community our dream will come to life.

So what really happened to us? We changed, we changed for the better.