2021 Has been a great year!

Of course it was! We signed a publishing deal with Soedesco and we released Saint Kotar in October! Initially, the plan was to release the game in August, but having it released just 2 months after that is a good result. There is a statistic that says, on average, crowdfunded video games that actually come out face a delay of a minimum of 12 months. And some games never see the light at the end of the tunnel. Saint Kotar was well received and we continue to support it post-release with patches and improvements (that will extend to 2022).

Not to forget, Saint Kotar has won Best Croatian Game of The Year 2021 award! First ever award coming to our office, and I swear it won't be the last one!

2022 Will be an exciting year!

Take a look at our roadmap for the next year:

Next year you will get to experience Saint Kotar on consoles (Playstation, Xbox and Switch). The porting process has just started and right now we don't have an estimate, nor a date, but we'll keep you posted.

In Q1/Q2 the DLC Saint Kotar: The Ritual will be released for PC, giving you the possibility to play as Viktoria the night before the start of the base game. Many mysteries will be uncovered, so let me suggest you one thing: play the base game before the DLC to avoid spoilers.

Somewhere around the DLC release we'll look into porting the game to Mac and Linux. We wanted to do it earlier, but it just wasn't possible due to time constraints.

We also have a series of interactive animated comic books in the making. The plan is to create multiple comics, each telling a story of one specific person that you can find in the game. Example: Mojse. It'll be hard to release them all next year, though.

Aaaaand... we will start to work on a super secret new game project! I can't go into more details at the moment, but it is exciting!

We're hiring!

Yes, we're looking for a talented Unity Game Developer to join our team. As soon as possible, full-time, permanent. And 100% remote work is possible!

If you are a good fit or know someone that might be, please share this link where you can find all the details about the job: https://www.redmartyr.com/careers/

Happy Holidays and a magnificent New Year!

On behalf of the whole Red Martyr Entertainment team, I wish you happy holidays and a healthy, happy and fun New Year!