It's release day for Saint Kotar: The Crawling Man! Out now for Windows, Mac, and Linux with a 15% launch discount on Steam and GOGMobile versions are expected to release soon.

What The Crawling Man is

Told in the form of an interactive comic book with sounds and animations, Saint Kotar: The Crawling Man follows the appalling life of Mojse - his fall from a beloved teacher to a bitter and vengeful leader of a sinister cult. Mojse is one of the main characters in the full game Saint Kotar, and this horror-mystery-drama story is about his life and the dark events that forged him into the person he is when you encounter him in the game.

What The Crawling Man is not

Saint Kotar: The Crawling Man is not just a regular comic book where you scroll pages and read. It features so many things that it is actually a sort of hybrid between a game and an interactive visual novel.

Saint Kotar: The Crawling Man features:

  • Interactive panels with animations and the parallax effect
  • Sound effects and Soundtrack
  • Voice overs (screams, gasps, whispers, etc) that add so much to the overall experience
  • Support for Cloud Saves
  • Achievements
  • Full Controller Support