Saint Kotar: Digital Deluxe Edition is now available for PC on Steam, GOG and Epic Store. This special edition includes:

  • Saint Kotar: Base game
  • Saint Kotar: The Ritual DLC
  • The Art of Saint Kotar: Digital Artbook in PDF format
  • The Sound of Saint Kotar: Saint Kotar official soundtrack in both MP3 and WAV format

Spanning nearly 70 pages, The Art of Saint Kotar includes many materials that have never been revealed in public before. It's a book that showcases a selection of ideas, research materials, concept artwork, and final artwork. Years of work and passion put on paper. Much of what you see in there didn't make it to the final game, yet it was still helpful in reaching the end.

The Sound of Saint Kotar includes a total of 22 tracks, both in MP3 and WAV format, featured in the base game and The Ritual DLC. Its mysterious atmosphere and creaking noises will set the mood to play Saint Kotar, or, for that matter, any work with a mysterious premise.