Saint Kotar: The Ritual DLC

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Saint Kotar: The Ritual is a free DLC included with the main game Saint Kotar.

The Ritual introduces new intriguing characters, new puzzles, and Viktoria as a new playable character. With two hours of gameplay time, the DLC reveals many secrets from the obscure past and gives answers to inexplicable events in the main game's storyline.

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Viktoria is the sister of Benedek and wife of Nikolay, the two playable characters in the main game. You can now finally delve into her side of the story and experience what happened the night before the start of the main game. Follow a woman battling her own demons in this brand-new storyline as she tries to get redemption by finding out what happened to her missing father.

Those lifeless eyes of her mother… staring right at her…

Viktoria remembers all too well. She tried to let it go by starting a new life with Nikolay. This proved futile however, the past doesn’t let go so easily. If only she could end it all…

Haunted by her dark past, Viktoria receives a mysterious letter from her long-missing father. Is he still alive? Can Viktoria find peace by finding him? Will this help her reconnect with her brother Benedek, who distanced himself after their mother’s death? 
Prepare to return to the cursed valley of Sveti Kotar in Saint Kotar: The Ritual – a free DLC available to all owners of the main game.